Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Diorshow Mascara

It's been so long since I've written anything. I mentioned a long time ago that I got some Dior makeup from my boyfriend's mom. One of the things I got from this goodie package was Diorshow Mascara. I've really tested it in all climates, so now I return with a review for it!

The first thing I'd like to point out is the huge applicator. When I saw Hard Candy's Ginormous mascara, I thought that applicator was big. But nooo.... Diorshow mascara - HUGE! The large applicator looks great, but sometimes it's hard to get into the corners.

The formula for this mascara adds a little bit of volume, but the difference is not as significant as Hard Candy's Ginormous Lash Mascara. I don't see much difference in terms of length, but since it adds a bit of volume, even lashes that appear short with no mascara would automatically lengthen.

Now that I have a nicer camera, it's able to capture more details!

Like I said, I tested this mascara in all climates. In normal Vancouver summer weather, this mascara works fine. It doesn't flake off or anything and doesn't leave prints on the my bottom eyelids like some other mascaras. I would trust that unless you have super oily skin, this mascara would stay put all day. I also tested this mascara in super hot Orlando weather during May, and by noon, because I have moderately oily skin, it does leave some on my bottom lids...

But hey, this isn't Diorshow Mascara waterproof, so maybe the waterproof brand would work better in those types of climates.

Another thing I wanted to note is that a couple times that I have used Diorshow mascara, I noticed that a couple lashes fall out each time I remove it. I don't know why this happens. It could potentially be that the mascara formula dries out my lashes and make them fall out. Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a concern for me as I have asian lashes, which means that I have a lack of them. So I don't use this mascara very often...

In terms of cruelty-free status of Christian Dior makeup, I don't think I know anymore... I thought I have found some credible sources where they said that Christian Dior is cruelty-free, but I have also found credible sources that say that they are not.

According to In Defense of Animals USA, they do say that Dior abides to the old cruelty-free standards but not the new ones. To be on the new list of cruelty free standards, the organization is to guarantee that the products are, in fact, not tested on animals (either by the product manufacturer or any associated contract testing labs). At this moment, Dior is still not on the new list. So I'll leave you with that.

Rating: (4/5)


  1. I have heard good things about this mascara but mascara is pretty much the only things for me that would be strictly drugstore! Also I really wish Dior wouldn't test on animals :( I'm rethinking buying one of their lip glosses now.

  2. very insightful. love your blog you give so much good detail and word it perfectly I always worry mine sound too long or tongue tied.

  3. Welcome back WOOHOO ^_^ I tried this mascara once and I wasn't happy with it. It weighted my lashes down and irritated my eyes!! And it's so pricey :(

  4. Yeah, the mascara wasn't bad, it's just not something that I think I would buy for myself in the future. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have had the chance to try it out! I had no idea that it was so expensive until my friends told me...!

  5. Wow these look insanely gorgeous.. I may be in love =)
    I'm a new sub, awesome blog!!


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