Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like a G

OK. So I guess this isn't one of those "epic posts" that I was talking about, but I figured, "hey why not?" I'm kind of proud of this picture (as sad as that sounds) and even posted it on Twitter as my new profile picture.

I couldn't wait for iPhone 5 to come out. The fact that I don't know how long I will have to wait puts me in distress, so I just got an iPhone 4 last month. So this picture was taken with my brand new iPhone 4. I notice more cam-whoring these days due to my new phone... Maybe I'll have more daily pictures of me to share with you all and turn this blog into a shrine of me (oh god!).

I was originally gonna take this picture to show how cold it is in Vancouver lately even though it's technically "summer". See how I'm wearing a hoodie? It's sad when you can wear a hoodie in the middle of summer. I can't imagine what this winter is gonna be like this year. Hopefully lots of snow!

Judging by this picture, you would never have thought that I blog about makeup and beauty products. Probably only about the people I've killed. LOL!!!


  1. hate our "summer" if you could even call it that!! great pic!!


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