Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Am SO Sorry!!!

Hello Bathroom Dancers!

I am so sorry about being MIA for like the last month. If you follow me on twitter, you've probably heard the news that I managed to find a job this summer! In the mean time, I was also working on my summer online courses. So my schedule was pretty much fully packed...

On Tuesday, I wrote my final exam and just a couple minutes ago I handed in my final paper. Unfortunately, full-time school starts on August 22nd, which means that I really only get 2 weeks of real summer break. I know right? Not even until Labour Day like the rest of the schools... If you cannot tell, I'm really bitter about this. Lol.

So far, I'm really enjoying my new job. I love the people that I work with! I'm gonna say that's probably the best part of the job. I really hope to continue working there as I attend school, which means that I might not be able to post as much. But I promise, when I do post... they're gonna be EPIC. LOL!

Anyway, please forgive me that I've been lacking in posts for the last month or so... I will try to do my best to continue posting in the future :)

Love you all!
Juli Anne


  1. congrats on your new job! I'm so looking forward to your EPIC posts haha

    Alice x

  2. OH yey congrats for your new job! Me too I start school on the 22nd :( Enjoy your remaining 2 weeks of vacations! :D


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