Friday, June 10, 2011

HOW TO: Achieve the Flawless Face using Hard Candy Products

For school and such, I'm usually lazy and skip eye makeup unless I feel like it, but face makeup is a MUST for me. I have FAR from flawless skin and it makes me very insecure when I go out without any face makeup. My skin has improved so much since the beginning of the year, so now I don't even really use my BB Cream all that often anymore. Lately, I've been using only Hard Candy products on my face and decided to share with you all how I achieve my kind of "flawless" face using only Hard Candy products in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Primer Ultralight Formula (Optional)

The reason why I say this step is optional is because a lot of the time, I forget to put this on. Nothing disastrous happens when I forget, but this primer does help provide a really nice smooth base for your makeup to sit on. If your skin is well hydrated and moisturized, I don't find this step AS necessary. However, if you have problems keeping your makeup on whether it may be due to extremely oily/dry skin, you may want to give this primer a try as it is said to help keep your makeup on.

Step 2: Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer

After priming/moisturizing your face, I put dabs of tinted moisturizer on my cheeks, forehead and chin. Make sure you blend this really well (along your jawline, down onto your neck and all the way up to your hairline). The tinted moisturizer I use is in the color FAIR and I know for a fact that I do NOT have fair skin. However, because this moisturizer blends so nicely, instead of looking like patches of discoloration on my skin, it more or less brightens it, which is why I love so much! This step completely replaces my foundation step which is great especially for those summer days when you don't want to apply a heavy amount of makeup. This product even has SPF 15 so you don't even have to apply sunscreen in addition to your regular face routine. Click here, to read my full review on this product.

Step 3: Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

Yes, I apply my concealer after the foundation step although I know some people may disagree with me. I find that it's pointless to apply concealer beforehand because it just rubs off and becomes a waste. I currently have Hard Candy's Glamoflauge concealer in the color TAN. It's slightly darker on my skin and has more yellowish tones to it than I would like, but this product has been really hard to get in stores. I will have to go on a search for a Glamoflauge concealer in MEDIUM one day. This heavy duty concealer is really "heavy duty". It does a great job with covering a lot of the brown spots left over from acne and lasts all day long.

Step 4: Hard Candy's Welcome Matte Pressed Powder

The last step for me is using Hard Candy's Pressed Powder to set my concealer and tinted moisturizer. This allows my makeup to last all day long without coming off. I use this along my T-zone and chin as well as the areas I applied my concealer on and helps mattify everything. This powder is translucent so it works for most people. However, I find that it can look a little cakey when used to set my makeup sometimes. I really hope that Hard Candy will come out with colored powders in the future (like MAC Mineral Skinfinish Naturals). Colors sometimes just looks nicer. To read a full review of this product, click here.

Step 5: Hard Candy's Blush Crush / So Baked Bronzer (Optional)

So, the above steps are all the products that I use to achieve the most basic "flawless" face look. However, if you feel you look a little pale and want to add some color to your face, try out Hard Candy's Brush Crush or So Baked Bronzer. I don't own any of their bronzers, but I do hope to try it in the future. Their blushes are not very pigmented, but I actually find that a good thing. It really depends on the user. As a side note, I've heard the same about their bronzers too. The blush color I have is called "Living Doll" and it's a gorgeous frosty pink color. To read my review on that, click here.


  1. This is a great step-by-step, hon. I've been curious about Hard Candy for a while so this is great to know. Btw I *think* I added you on FB, LOL! I hope it's you. :)

  2. I've really grown to love Hard Candy this past year, now if I could only get my hands on Glamoflauge!!

  3. Nice job! I love many of those products. I need to check out the foundation some time soon.

  4. Oh yes, I know! I haven't had the opportunity to try out their foundation yet. It probably provides better coverage than the tinted moisturizer if you need it, but so far the tinted moisturizer has been working very well for me :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your current routine, I like Glamoflauge too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I have all these and i love them, please follow


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