Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canucks Face Off Makeovers at Blanche Macdonald

For those who don't know, the Vancouver Canucks has made it to the Stanley Cup Playoff Finals! It's been 17 years since they last made it to the finals, so this is actually a very big deal for us, Vancouverites.

To celebrate this big deal, Blanche Macdonald,a beauty school located in Vancouver, is holding a very special event to fundraise for Canuck Place Children's Hospice. Whether it's airbrushed makeup, 'Nucks-glammed nails, or standout hair, Blanche Macdonald Centre's Makeup, Nail and Prohair students are going to help you rock an epic Canucks-themed look that screams GO CANUCKS GO!!!

On every home game day, grab your friends and come down to the Blanche Macdonald Robson Campus between 11:30am -5:00pm and take your pick from our Makeup, Hair & Nail Menu!


Face Off: Canucks pride displayed where everyone can see it - on your face! In your face, Bruins! Logo - $10 each

Lucky Numbers: Who’s your hockey hero? #3 for Bieksa? #17 for Kesler? Airbrush your favourite Canuck's uniform number on your arm or face! $5 per number

Wrap Around: Classic arm bands in Canuck colours (blue/green/white/black). Say it without words: $15 per arm

Breakaway: Fast 'n proud. Airbrush "VANCOUVER CANUCKS" or "GO CANUCKS GO" along your arm, back or chest. $10 each

#1 Fan: For the biggest Canucks fans, fully airbrushed jersey front or back (shirt not required)! Min $100, 45 minutes. Book in advance – e-mail

Custom Canucks: Got a great idea? Tell us what you want and if it’s within the realms of possibility, we'll make it happen. Quote upon request - e-mail


Nail ’Em Good: Show your team spirit throughout the Stanley Cup Finals! Get your nails decked out with Canucks logos! Choose from two styles. Includes basecoat, logo, and topcoat. $5 per nail

Drop the Gloves: Full freehand Canucks nail art set. Mini manicure and Canucks nail art: $50 per set


Winning Streak: Streak your hair in Canuck colours! $10 per set

Flip Shot: Crazy blowout? Mohawk? Fauxhawk? Any standout hairstyle you want, our Hair students will deliver! Min $10/person

I'd really like to streak my hair and get a couple of my nails done! How about you?!

Space may be limited and certain treatments will be more time consuming. Make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to show how much the Stanley Cup means to you. Visit their Facebook event page for more details.

Photo Credit: Facebook


  1. What a great and unique idea..such a worthy cause too!

  2. this is awesome!! i wish i was there! love that it went to charityyyy.... gooo canucks!!!! i want my nails to be done :P

  3. 3 more games to win and the cup is ours!! :P

  4. Don't fret! They're going to be holding this event for every home game. So the next one will be on June 4 - make your appointments now!

  5. i moved to toronto for school :(
    thx for the follow!!!!
    i desperately wish so much to go to van... it must be NUTS there! just like the olympics!!!

  6. :O! i really want to attend blanche macdonald! do you go there?

  7. Haha! No, I don't go to Blanche Macdonald, but I just came by this event and thought it would be cool to share it. Especially how all the proceeds goes to charity. I'm a nursing student at BCIT :)

  8. What a fun idea, those nails are cute!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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