Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Freebies

So I wrote a post recently on Bathroom Dancer's first birthday! Yayyy!!! By the way, you should really go check out the picture of the cake if you haven't yet (it's not *my* cake, but it's a really impressive cake). Anyway...

My birthday was yesterday and I've just been so busy watching hockey games lately that I haven't had time to write anything. I'm really upset that the Canucks the Stanley Cup final last night, but what I'm even more embarrassed about is the riot that happened right afterward. We're not all bad people. And honestly, the people who started the riot in the city last night are probably not even Canuck fans, they are probably just people looking to cause trouble. So I believe it would have happened no matter the outcome of the game.

Anyway, today, I wanna tell you all about the amazing deals and perks you can get for your birthday! This blog post isn't really gonna be beauty related (well... maybe except for the last one is), just a bunch of perks.

Red Robin

Get a gift when you sign up and a free burger on your birthday.
Click here to join.


When talking about birthday freebies, who can forget about Denny's? No need to sign up for anything, just drop by any Denny's restaurant with a friend and get your free meal!
Click here for more information.

Orange Julius

Sign up for their OJ Quench Club to get special offers and an email coupon for your birthday!
Click here to join.

International House of Pancakes (IHOP)

Be the first to know about exclusive offers. Get a free meal just for signing up and on your birthday!
Click here to join.

Boston Pizza

I didn't get any freebies last year from Boston Pizza even though I signed up, but they did send me one this year, so yay! Free pasta or dessert on your birthday.
Click here to join.

Who doesn't like ice cream...? MMMmmmm

Dairy Queen

Get a BOGO coupon for your birthday and on other occasions throughout the year!
Click here to join.

Marble Slab Creamery

Join their mailing list for special offers and updates. Plus, get a sweet surprise for your birthday!
Click here to join.

Baskin Robins

Sign up now and get a coupon for a FREE ice cream on your birthday.
Click here to join.

And last but not least... a beauty freebie!


Sign up for Beauty Insider at their store or at the link below to earn points whenever you buy makeup and get a free gift on your birthday!
Click here to join.

How do I know about all these freebies?
What can I say... I'm Chinese :)

Do you have any freebies/perks I don't know about?
Shoot me a comment down below!


  1. How do I know about all these freebies?
    What can I say... I'm Chinese :)

    hahah! XD Great deals though, thanks!

  2. I believe the Body Shop gives you a certain percent off on your birthday...or at least they used to. Mmmmm ice cream, craving it now :) Happy Birthday!!

  3. Oh really? Hmm... I have their Love Your Body card, which is why I got $10 off my purchase... but otherwise, I have not heard of this birthday deal!

  4. Free Birthday Gifts! Bdayo.Com was created with one goal in mind to help our users enjoy, celebrate, and remember their birthday! Bdayo allows you to find unlimited amount of Birthday Freebies in your area and offer unique features to help you learn more about that special day!


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