Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange Royal Wedding Souvenirs

The news seemed to talk about the Royal Wedding every single day ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton made their engagement announcement. Well, tomorrow's the big day! I can't imagine what it's like to be under so much public pressure. What's most appealing to me about the Royal Wedding has been all the souvenirs that people have been trying to sell, and here are some of the greatest ones on huge list (not in any particular)! Warning: this post may contain adult content.

Royal Couple Tea Bags

With Royal Wedding memorabilia selling rapidly in Europe, one German company has capitalized on a famous British commodity: tea. The bags are attached to quirky cartoons of Prince William and Kate Middleton, complete with arms so they can be hung over the rim of a teacup. While Prince William is depicted in traditional British military garb, Kate Middleton is seen in a bridal veil, wearing a bright blue engagement ring and holding a wad of cash.

William and Kate PEZ Dispensers

Here are some creepy PEZ dispenders made to celebrate the royal wedding. PEZ makes around 80 million dispensers and 4.6 billion sweets a year, but unlike other popular models the William and Kate figurines will not dispense sweets through their mouths.

Royal Virility Performance Beer

Known for its eccentric brews, Brew Dog has announced a creation made specifically for the royal wedding. It's called "Royal Virility Performance," and it's an India Pale Ale containing herbal Viagra, chocolate, goat weed and a "healthy dose of sarcasm".

Crown Jewels' Condoms of Distinction

Crown your lucky Charms with a Royal Condom of Distinction that was produced in special celebration packs that bear the slogan: "Like a royal wedding, interaction with a loved one is an unforgettable occasion".

Royal Barf Bags

Are you sick of all the Royal Wedding coverage yet? These simple paper bags, adorned with an image of the prince and his fiancee beneath the motto "Throne Up," come in red, white and blue. Keep this handy tomorrow.

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  1. LOled as 1st pic. and wow even condoms?! wahaha :))

  2. There all so cute! I saw another post like this. There were little cupcakes with the rings on top with their faces! LOL the condoms and the barf bags are too funny!

  3. Haha this made me laugh. It's so ridiculous. Condoms? Really? "Crown your lucky charms with these" hahaha!

    And then the final "keep these in handy tomorrow" hilarious!

    Good post! This is so crazy, over a wedding that's not even in our country. :P

  4. People are going so overboard with this stuff lol I can only imagine what its like over there!!

  5. were you the one who showed me the pictures of those tea bags? i love them!

  6. i like that tea bag, funny,haha
    thanks for sharing dear :)

  7. Came over thru the blog hop and am following you now thru GFC and Twitter. I could not find a Facebook icon. I would love a follow back thru GFC and Facebook if you have it. Let me know and I will come back and follow that also. Have a great day!


  8. Ha ha ha! LoL! So funny! Crazy people!

  9. lol!
    those tea bags are a must haves!

  10. I didn't know they were making these! Thanks for sharing.

  11. ha ha ha!!! These are really funny! Specially the barf bag!

  12. great souvenirs indeed, funny too! should be a great idea to make :)


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