Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Hard Candy's Blush Crush in Living Doll

Back in my moderate-severe acne days, my face was ALWAYS red and inflamed. At the time, I swore I rather be super pale and looked like I was dead than to have my face all red again. However, lately I've been looking REALLY pale after I finish my face makeup routine.

In the mean time, I've also been reading up a lot on blushes. Since Hard Candy is now my "go-to" brand, I decided to pick out the prettiest blush shade from their collection at Walmart the last time I went and this is what I got: Hard Candy's Blush Crush in Living Doll

When I initially grabbed this blush to go pay for it at the cashier, my grandma wanted to stop me on my tracks. She was like "OMG - are you going to wear that?! The color looks so wild!" But I totally ignored her, and I'm glad I did.

The blush looks crazy bright in the pan, but when you apply it, it's this beautiful and natural pink color. I think the yellow veining gives it some extra glow. There's a bit of shimmer in there as well, so this frosty pink blush can also serve as a nice highlight if you wanted to. This blush looks so natural on me - I totally love it!

Some people have commented that this blush lacks pigmentation, but this doesn't bother me. The blush is buildable, and since I'm so new to blushes, it actually allows me to continue applying the product until I'm comfortable. I don't want to look like I just came back from a jog outside - lol.

Check out that glow!

Swatched on my hand. Sorry about the shadow.

Swatched on my arm.

The product is packed so tightly that it was initially hard to get any product onto a brush. I had to use my Sigma F80 kabuki to kinda "break in" the product (kinda like how you "break in" a new car - not the stealing type of break in). Anyway, after that, it's been easier to retrieve the blush using a normal blush brush.

The packaging for this product looks similar to Hard Candy's Duo Eyeshadows. I love it when a company makes an effort to match their packaging! It makes them look like a set, you know? The blush is packaged in a plastic case, but I found that the silver border and the designs on it made it look so elegant. I don't expect the packaging to be super sturdy though, since I've seen so many broken blushes at Walmart (probably due to people dropping it). But that's OK, I don't plan on carrying it around with me in my purse.

Overall, this blush is absolutely gorgeous. I think it makes a great first blush for starters like me :)

Rating: (5/5)


  1. i really like hard candy, but i have the same problems with the bourjois blush as i had with this one -u have to scrub a little harder to get some product on the brush... other than that, i loe it ;)

  2. I love the color..thanks for the review ^^

  3. Like you, I always break out too, I have my usual face routine and rarely ever apply blush. This is the only blush that I can use without getting any blemishes. I love the color you got. I'll have to check it out. I mostly by the bronzers.

  4. I think it's gorgeous too, I have Honeymoon and love it as well. You can also use these wet if you wanted more pigmentation...but I like the subtle color as well :)

  5. Oh really?! I had no idea that you can use them wet. I'll have to get some kind of spray bottle and try that one day!

  6. That color is gorgeous! I need to add this to my collection XOXO

  7. That is so similar to Accessorize blushers! I have a very similar shade!

  8. oh my, the packaging is so cute!!
    I also love bunnies. LOL totally of topic. ;p

    thanks for sharing!
    Oh BTW, new follower here. :)

  9. Love that color. First time on your blog and i love it. check out posh culture at .. You'll definitely be seeing more of Posh Culture on your blog :)

  10. HAHAHAHA! Poor grandma!
    Glad you went with your instinct ;)

  11. That color is really beautiful!!

  12. oooh shiny! i love the colour

  13. i love pink blush! if u are light skin, it will be great on ya!

    xoxo elle

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hahaha - Sorry, that just sounded really funny. What blush color do you recommend I try next? :P


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