Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Made From Earth's Rosehip & Hibiscus Facial Serum Revisited

Skincare products are so hard to review for multiple reasons. For example, it can take a really long time before we start seeing the results that products promise. Also, we never use just one skincare product at a time. It's always a combination of daily stuff as well as weekly/monthly treatments - making it difficult to conclude that the improvements/disasters are due to this one product, and one product only.

I reviewed Made From Earth's Rosehip + Hibiscus Facial Serum a while ago and now that I think about it, I don't think I gave it a very fair review... My skin was terrible at the time with very uneven texture and sometimes inflammation due to acne. Fortunately, my skin has greatly improved ever since I've been taking this medication that my doctor prescribed me. I haven't had any cystic acne for close to a month now! *knock on wood*

I saw facial serum sitting in my "vanity stash" with the rest of my skincare products and decided "maybe it's time to give it another try". Since the sample I received is in a tub, I decided to put even dabs to my forehead, cheeks and chin and then spread them out using my fingers.

Now that my face is much smoother than it was before, the serum didn't foam/lather like it used to. I applied it right after my shower and it did a very good job locking in the moisture. It's always important to moisturize right after a hot shower because water can evaporate really quickly leaving your skin feeling dry/tight, which can be very damaging.

The surface of my skin still feels a little sticky, which can be a little bothersome for some people. However, I realized that this is actually really common among many skincare products with moisturizing properties. On the other hand, the serum is really lightweight, hydrating, and calming at the same time. Despite how the directions say to apply moisturizer afterward, I personally do not feel it is necessary as it's very moisturizing on its own.

I would not recommend putting this on in the day time as it takes a long time to dry/absorb before you can put on your makeup. However, it makes it great for night time after you shower/wash your face because you can leave the whole night for it to absorb.

I am currently loving this facial serum and will consider purchasing in the future. To get your own Rosehip & Hibiscus Facial Serum, visit Made From Earth's website.

Rating: (5/5)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me from Made from Earth for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review.


  1. Smart of you to re-visit this product, glad it's worked so much better for you and your skin !

  2. Yeah, I'm really glad that I gave this serum another try... :)


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