Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Braun Silk-épil Xpressive 7280

O-M-G. I can't even begin to express my love for this thing! It wasn't until last summer when a good friend of mine told me about her epilator (I don't remember what we were talking about). I was like, "what's an epilator?" and so she began to explain it to me.

This helped clear things up so much because I got really confused when she told me that she "plucks" her unwanted hair off. I thought to myself, "wow, how long does that take you??"

That very same night after that conversation, I decided to head to London Drugs to grab my very own epilator and I got this one! The pink packaging just drew me in, plus it was on sale!

The "massaging system" written on the box caught my eyes when I first saw this. At first, I thought it meant that it vibrates so that it won't be as painful. Well it does vibrate since it's electrical but it wasn't enough to actually "massage" your skin to make it numb before the plucking. Instead, what they were actually referring to are the prickly beads at the top and bottom part of the epilator. So don't be fooled when you go pick up yours.

I used to wax my unwanted hair, namely under my arms, but that was a huge hassle. I hated it. Not just because of the pain, but also because there's a lot to prep and clean up before and after the process. Not to mention that you have to wait for the hair to grow a certain length before you can wax it off effectively. Although the pain is still there, with the epilator, I can "pluck" out hair that are just beginning to grow out! Literally, a couple millimeters.

Another thing about this is that it's fully washable. So after I'm done with it, I can just run it under the sink and use the little brush that it comes with to clean it off! It's so easy to take it apart!

Some things I wish it had...
When I first bought this system, I thought it was cordless. Nowhere on the box does it actually say that it has to be plugged into the wall in order for me to use it, so I felt a little bit cheated. It does not have a battery, therefore it cannot hold any charge. So I was kind of disappointed with that. With that in mind, you can automatically assume that you cannot use this in the shower. But this is just for my model, the newer models are cordless and allow you to use it in the shower and they only cost a little bit more.

Some concerns for other people...
Some people may be concerned about the pain. I was scared at first as well, but it's really not that bad once you get it going. Since I used to wax, maybe my skin is thicker now, but I do hear that some people do bleed a little when they first start epilating.

Also, if you have skin tags under your arms, I suggest you get it removed first before you use this because it *WILL* pull it off. You don't want that.

Epilators are more or less personal items that should not be shared, but I did let my friend Janice try it on her legs since she was so keen. Her reactions were so hilarious that I kind of wish I recorded it on a video. She's used to shaving her legs, so epilating it for the first time did hurt quite a bit. Her tip: pressing down on the skin with the epilator can help reduce some of the pain. Hovering around on top of the unwanted hair is much worse.

Final thoughts...
I love my epilator despite all these extra features I wish it had! Actually, when I look on the Braun website, I notice that they have newer models that do include these features! I guess the one I got was older, which was why it's on sale. In the end, I still find the epilator very convenient. All I have to do is plug-and-go! I will never go back to waxing!

Rating: (4.5/5)


  1. Thanks for the review.
    well i m gonna buy the new and latest version of Braun epilator soon :)

  2. I think I'm too big of a fraidy cat for this..I am not a huge fan of waxing either but at least I know what to expect :0

  3. This is kinda the same thing as waxing, but I actually think it's less painful. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna pull off skin when I wax!

  4. Seems great! I would like to try that need to get one too



  6. I'm glad you discovered what an epilator is!
    I stole my mothers when they first same out on the market and it made me cry! So painful! This was sounds great,worth trying, thanks! XOXO

  7. thanks for the review! i've been looking into getting one for a while now..

  8. i bought the MAC Disney products when they came out, but you can probably find them on ebay :)

  9. iv got to get this my epilator sucks :( and yeah your friend's tip is absolutely right thats what i do aswell :) i love the name of your blog lol :)

  10. actually I have the same one as you do. However, I stopped using it like couple years ago because I think waxing is better.. eventually I stopped waxing and went with Laser

  11. Have u ever tried this on underarms ???

  12. Yeah I have! That's pretty much the only place I use it for as I barely have hair on my legs... thanks to some good genes! Haha! ^_^

  13. I have heard that its so painful while using this epilator on underarms??? is that so???

  14. Hmm... everyone's pain tolerance is different. I find it's not as painful as waxing. But keep in mind that you don't have to touch it again until 2-3 weeks later :D

  15. I've the same but it hurts so bad!

  16. Can i use this on my stomach???
    i have few fine hair on my stomach area.

  17. Hmmm... I guess you can if you can tolerate the pain. I'm not sure if your stomach would be a little sensitive though.

    However, I do not advise you using this on your bikini line...

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