Monday, March 14, 2011

My Very First MAC Purchase!

So I finally caved in when my friend mentioned that a friend of hers get 40% off at MAC for being a student in Makeup school. It was very hard for me to decide what I wanted to get because there's SOOOO many options and everything seems to be a good choice!

I'm a full time student with no source of income whatsoever. But on the other hand, I'm always looking for a good eyeliner! So in the end, I settled for MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack. Regular price is $18.00 CAD (not including tax). But since I got the discount, it came to be $12.10 after tax, so that was pretty good.

Did you think this was a good choice?
If you could only recommend one thing to a MAC-virgin like me, what would it be?

Also, what brush do you girls use with this?

I was planning on getting the Eco Tool's angled eyeliner brush, since it's not too expensive or anything. Advice is welcomed!


  1. Great deal! I absolutely love MAC blushes and MSFs :) I'd recommend trying their concealer and blushes :D

  2. Any angled brush with synthetic bristles will do :)
    My very first purchase was the face and body foundation

  3. I made my first MAC purchase not too long ago. I bought Satin Taupe and Twinks pan shadows. I love Satin Taupe, definitely check that out!


  4. Congrats on your first MAC product, I love my painterly paint's a perfect eye base or can even be worn on it's own. I use it every day!

  5. Congrat's and also congrat's on getting a good deal! I also LOVE Satin Taupe! I have several shades a bit like it, but haven't found a real dupe for this gorgeous shade!! I also like the paint pots! I'd love to try one of the MSF's too!

  6. Congrats sweetie, i love MAC :)
    I really recommend the Paint Pot in Bare Study, its absolutely gorgeous :)

  7. I want this too ):
    Great pick girl :)

  8. Brushes =) Or if it's a makeup item.... eyeshadow. A matte brown for everyday (wedge) or an inner lid colour (ricepaper)

    Makes me think back to my first MAC purchase which was the select cover up concealer.

  9. Congrats on your first MAC buy!
    I use my Smashbox liner brushed when uses gel liners. They work nicely XOXO

  10. im using stila eyeliner brush that came with the gel pot ^^

  11. it's seriously an amazing gel liner! you're gonna love itttt! =]

  12. i TOO,COULD USE A RECOMMENDATION.I don`t own a thing from Mac :(


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