Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Very First FOTD!

This is my very first time posting a Face of The Day (FOTD)! Hope you like it! I figured that since I've done so many reviews already, I should use some of them and actually what I do with them! :)

The photos were taken using the webcam (iSight) on my MacBook, so the quality is not the best... but nothing makes me look better than a bad quality camera to mask the giant pores and acne scars - hahaha! What makes it somewhat strange is that the lighting is different in each photo even though they were all taken within the 5 minutes. I guess the sun was setting really fast...?


Can you tell I love Hard Candy?

I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to take closer pictures of my eyes, but there was really nothing special about it since I only used one color for my entire lid. I'm not that skilled yet to do different colors on the crease or anything yet. Getting there though... slowly. Feel free to share any tips or tricks, it would be greatly appreciated.

And a birthday shout-out to my best friend, Lynn!
Happy Birthday BFF!!! ^_^


  1. Very nice! Very rarely see you with glasses. You should get contacts!

  2. Haha you mean without?

    Yeah I know, I've tried contacts before but I figured that the more I can avoid sticking my finger into my eye, the better. Besides, it's not that easy to open my eyes wide enough in the morning to put contacts on. lol

  3. Pretty! I love Hard Candy too :)

  4. lol about the quality of your camera.

    i just got a DSLR and sometimes its hard to choose pics cause you can see EVERYTHING !! lol..

    i like your glasses ! i wear glasses too but i'm not too satisfied with the look of them. i need new ones !

  5. Hahaha! Yeah I know. So I guess sometimes, a not-so-good quality camera isn't necessarily a bad thing :)

  6. Very pretty :)
    I like Hard Candy too!

  7. wow, the powder looks great on you! wish they had one for darker skinned girls :(

  8. Actually, Hard Candy's Welcome Matte pressed powder goes on translucent, so it might work for darker skinned girls?

  9. really pretty look, i want to try products by Hard Candy, sounds like a really good brand :)


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