Monday, March 7, 2011

My (Hello Kitty) Beauty Diary Masks

No, they're not "mine" (yet), but maybe it will be one day! I've been posting so much stuff about Hello Kitty lately that it feels like this is turning into a Hello Kitty blog! But I couldn't resist this one. My Beauty Diary Masks is partnering up with Hello Kitty to provide you with Hello Kitty face masks!

Two different "flavours" available.

From the Strawberry Milk:

From the Honey Strawberry:

*Drools* I'm a big sucker for packaging, can't wait to see these in stores! Unfortunately at the same time, I don't want to use them when they're THAT pretty!!! Do you think they'll put whiskers on the face masks? Hehehe!


  1. OOH! So cute,I want some :)
    Hint hint...having a contest soon and Hello Kitty from Sephora will be part of the prize XOXO

  2. Hello Kitty is popping up everywhere! I'd definitely try the strawberry one. so cute!

  3. @Venus In Virgo: Awesome! Let me know when it's happening! :)

    @Babybubblz: Haha! They're both strawberry! ^_^

  4. omggggggggggggg i want !!!!!

  5. where to get these! cute! i want the honey ones

    xoxo elle

  6. I found a website that sells them!!
    The link is in the post.



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