Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Current Brush Sets

So today, I just wanted to show you the brush sets I own. One of them is Paris Presents 11-Piece Studio Brush Set that I got from the states. The other one is a brush set from Estée Lauder that my mom gave me because she had an extra one. I'm going to be very honest here... Neither of them are really good.

So let me show you the Paris Presents brush set first:

This was my very first brush set, and it wasn't so bad at first. It's actually pretty good value for the brushes you get, which is pretty much all the brushes you'll ever need for normal daily use. I also really like the way that case opens and then displays all your brushes nicely. Unfortunately, when I went to wash my brushes for the first time, bristles started falling out! I can't imagine these brushes will last me very long, so that's really too bad. I guess another way to look at it is that you get what you pay for...

Now onto my other brush set, this is from Estée Lauder:

My mom gave me these brushes since she had an extra set. I have a feeling that she got it from one of those promotions. Either way, I have no idea what these brushes are made out of (animal/synthetic hair). I also don't know how to tell. But I'm beginning to get concerned judging by how the colors of the bristles turned out in the photographs. I've used this brush set a couple times, and... I don't like it. It's not scratchy, but it isn't particularly soft either. I haven't even washed the brush yet, and the bristles of the eyeshadow brush is falling on my face left and right. I don't think these brushes will survive long, which is very disappointing for me because I believed Estée Lauder to be a high-end brand.

I have to admit, I was pretty ignorant at first because I had no idea that some brushes are made out of animal hair. The thought of putting animal hair to my face just makes me cringe. But now that I've been brought into the light (so to speak), I'm going to be sticking to synthetic brushes only.

So, there you go! These are my current brush sets. I'm in need of a new, decent, and synthetic set of makeup brushes. Recommendations are welcomed. I accept donations as well - hahaha!

But speaking of donating, have you donated to Japan?


  1. I really love my Sigma brushes, especially the Sigmax line. I also think Eco tools makes some great drugstore brushes, they are incredibly soft and hold up well. Also Essence of Beauty makes some great inexpensive eye brushes that I got at Walgreens. And last but definitely not least I really like some of the ELF brushes..totally worth trying.

  2. Those are all great suggestions! Thanks! I bought EcoTool's Foundation brush and absolutely loved it! Washed it so many times already and it hasn't shed on me once. It's very good quality and very affordable - who know those two traits would ever go together, eh?

  3. I love the way the set comes in it's handy case. That pink collection is fun to have too :) I think the bulk of brushes in my collection come from Smashbox. There pretty decent . XOXO

  4. Haha oh my god I think that Paris Presents set of brushes was one of the first sets that I ever got too. I bought them from Ulta because I thought it was so economical but wow they were not that great.

    And my eyelashes are real :) I have pretty long eyelashes but they're just stick straight so I really curl them at the base so they stand up higher!

  5. ELF ELF ELF!!! ELF studio line brushes are awesome!!!! you gotta get your hands on them. I've seen winners sell them!

    or you can buy them onlihe, I bought all of mine online

  6. You gotta come shopping with me girl! I need to feel the brushes before I actually buy them - haha! I need to know that they're super soft and sturdy!

    But thanks for letting me know winners has them! I've been looking around at Zellers for the longest time and it's always a no go :(

  7. Love all about Estée Lauder...


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