Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unleashing My Inner Balmshell

I need to check my mail more often. I have no idea how long this was sitting in my mailbox for, but it's finally in my hands! I was really shocked to find out how big the package was considering that I was only expecting to receive the 3 lip glosses that I won from Balmshell at the beginning of this month. Instead, they gave me a lot more than I won!

Let's go through them together (I feel like a school teacher... lol).

So Obviously, there were the 3 lip glosses that I chose. They were all gorgeous colors, but I decided to choose the neutrals bundle and asked to trade Yummy Mummy for Shopaholic instead because I thought it had a cuter float animation. They were really nice about it! So in the end, I got Weekend In The Hamptons, Beach Patrol (it's limited edition too!) and Shopaholic.

In addition to my prize, I also got a package of mini glosses which include the shades, Darling You Look Fabulous, Shoe Fetish, Shopaholic, Weekend in the Hamptons & Yummy Mummy.

And lastly, I got Balmshell's Lip and Cheek Tint called Smear Campaign in Gossip Greta. It even comes with a little story - sooo cute!!!

Thank you, Balmshell! I cannot wait to try it all out! The packaging for these products are AMAZING! Definitely check out this great Canadian brand and unleash YOUR inner Balmshell. You won't regret it!


  1. I am so excited you won this Juli, I know you will love them!

  2. Wow - what a great surprise!! :)

  3. Oh wow! That is amazing! I live in Montreal and I've never heard of Balmshell till now. I will definitely research whether they have it here or not now thanks to your blog!

  4. @YB: You should definitely go check them out! So far, I have seen them at Shopper's Drug Mart and London Drugs.

  5. Congrats, what a fantastic set!!! I wish I had it. ;D

  6. So nice of them to include freebies with your prize!!


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