Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Being the first generation of CBC (Chinese born Canadian) of the family, of course I'd partake in the celebration of Chinese New Year! Let's face it, you would want want to celebrate it too even if you're not Chinese presuming you knew you would be getting red pockets full of money!

Over the past years, my mom always makes an effort to buy the super cute red pocket envelopes. So let me take this opportunity to show you the ones I've kept from previous years:

They don't look like red pocket envelopes, eh? Here are some of the more traditional (but nice-looking) ones:

In the mean time, I wish everyone wealth, health and happiness as we hop into the year of the Bunny.
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!


  1. aww that's so cute!! We used to celebrate Chinese New Year when my family lived in Singapore because it was so huge there. Not here though.. no red pockets :(

  2. Aww!! You should try to continue the tradition. It's awesome! Of course, not so much after you get married, but still!

  3. Happy Chinese New year to you! Im celebrating with Chinese dinner later XOXO

  4. Hey Venus! That's cool. I had no idea you were Chinese too... hahaha.


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