Saturday, February 12, 2011

FFT: Call Me Candy

Get all nervous and start stuttering in front of your crush? No worries. Today's Fat-Free Treat (FFT) is this cute necklace made by Harajuku Lovers. Instead of saying to their face what you want, point to it! Or if you really want to get the message across, maybe even rip one off and shove it in their face.

I'm not a big fan of the real candy hearts. It just doesn't taste right to me. However, this necklace is so adorable that it suits the little giggly girl in all of us. Can't get enough Fat-Free Treats? Get a pair of candy earrings to go with it! Visit Karmaloop for more details and don't forget to use the rep code, BDANCER to get 20% off your entire order.

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  1. It is! Stay tuned for more fat-free treats coming up in the next 2 days counting down to Valentine's Day. In the mean time, check out the other treats I've posted in the last couple days ♥


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