Friday, February 4, 2011

Chat with a Bobbi Brown MUA

Are you a newbie to makeup? Do you need tips on how to put on your makeup so you don't look like a clown?

Being on the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics website for the first time today, I noticed that they have a place for you to chat with a professional makeup artist to get tips. However, don't be too surprised if they keep trying to recommend Bobbi Brown products to you like a sales person because at the end of the day, that *is* they're job. But seriously, I thought that was a pretty cool feature for your makeup emergencies (whatever those may be).

However, If you do plan on buying from the Bobbi Brown website, don't be afraid to chat with a MUA first. I decided to try out the chat and at the end of the conversation, they offered me a coupon code for some extra free samples! Who doesn't love free stuff, eh?


  1. Hey great tip! I'll have to check it out, I love Bobbi Brown stuff :)

  2. oooh this sounds fab! thanks for sharing, i'm gonna try it now!

  3. I ordered it January 25th. When did you order yours? I hope you get it soon :)

  4. I didn't end up ordering anything from Bobbi Brown (despite how much I wanted to) I don't have the moola for it at the moment.


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