Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Time with Fancy Fake Nails

I got a set of fake nails for Christmas from my aunt and uncle. I've never worn fake nails before, but I've always been curious. Since this was given as a gift, I decided to give it a try!

The set of nails came with some glue. The packaging is so cute and the nails look really fancy in the box. But after I put them on, I felt that it looks kinda tacky...? What do you guys think?

I've never had such long nails before, and I can't seem to do anything with it. I'm wearing them right now as I type up this post and it probably cuts down my typing speed by at least half.

I put them on last night before I went to bed. My mom bet that they would all fall off by the time I woke up. Well, she was wrong. Only one fell off when I woke up. But as I was doing my morning routine (e.g. going to the bathroom, brushing my hair, getting dressed), 5 more fell off - hahaha.

To remove, it says to soak the nail in 100% acetone for about ten minutes. Either way, I think I would rather them falling off themselves than having to soak my fingers in acetone. I kept on trying to glue them on before going out, but because they kept on falling no matter what I was doing, I just gave up in the very end and tried to remove them all before going out.

I later took a closer look at the ingredients in the glue: ethyl, cyanoacrylate. The second ingredient is actually a fancy name for "Krazy Glue / Super Glue"! No wonder my real nails kind of hurt after the fake nails fall off.

As much as I love the convenience of fake nails, are there any options other than "Krazy Glue" that someone can recommend to me?


  1. I like these! I have the same problems as you with fake nails, they fall off, hurt my nails after and because I have really short nails, I can;t do anything with them on! It's a pitty, because I really like the idea of them :(

  2. WoW! Those are fancy :) My nails are so short right now I don't think I can even glue the fake ones on top Lol! XOXO

  3. i bought some of these too but like u, i wanna know what glue is better for the nails, so rite now they are still in the drawer hehe
    i love sticker nails tho! easy peasy!

    xoxo elle

  4. i dont think they are tacky at all!! or maybe I love blingtastic tacky nails..hmmm..


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