Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Beauty Favorites

Hello ladies (and gentlemen, if there are any who reads this blog)!

I got tagged by LittoMokaa for 2010 beauty favorites! I haven't done tags for a while and I got so excited when I got tagged for this one because it seemed like so much fun!

OK, so let's begin:
  1. Which lipstick / lipgloss did you use most often in 2010?

    I don't wear lipstick, although I am beginning to start exploring the different colors. The lipgloss that I tend to go for is LA Color's Glitter Gloss.

  2. What was your favorite eyeshadow this year?

    I just started wearing eyeshadow recently and I found myself reaching for Hard Candy's Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow in Peace.

  3. What product for the complexion (foundation, blush, etc.,) did you use the most?

    I can't really just pick one product for this one because I rely on face makeup more than anything else. I like how Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer evens out my skin tone. In addition to that, I like the coverage that Skinfood's Aloe BB Cream gives me.

  4. Your favorite nail polish color of 2010?

    I really liked this one shade of nail polish I got from Daiso for $2. It's a pale glittery red color when I initially put it on, but I found that after I apply the topcoat, the color shifts to a deeper purple red. So that's really cool!

  5. Which skin care product would you not give up under any circumstances?

    I absolutely love The Body Shop's Tea Tree Mask. I don't think I can live without it. It just gives my skin a detox therapy once in a while!

  6. What is your favorite personal care product?

    I don't think I can live without my Braun epilator. I never want to go back to waxing!

  7. Your usually worn fragrance in 2010?

    I don't wear any fragrance since I go in and out of the hospital so much as a student nurse and hospitals are always fragrance-free.

  8. What was your personal favorite jewelry piece?

    This one definitely has to be the ring my boyfriend got me for Christmas 2008, and yes, it was still my favorite piece of jewelry in 2010. It was actually very embarrassing when I first received it because I was like *gasp* "are you proposing??" and he's like "It's just a gift...". I felt kinda stupid at that moment, but it's a beautiful ring nonetheless.

  9. What have you discovered in 2010 that is new for you (new products, inspirations, blogs, hobbies, etc.,)?

    I started this blog in year 2010 and have been having so much fun with it! I hope to continue blogging through 2011 and gain many more readers ^_^

  10. Do you have resolutions for 2011? If so, what are they?

    I want to be able to spend more time with my family, my dog (but she's family too, you know) and my friends instead of burying my face in my computer and in textbooks all the time.

  11. Tag other people:


  1. Hey Julianne! Thanks for tagging me =)
    I tagged you for the versatile blogger award! You can read about it here:


  2. I love the body shops scincare, really under rated ^^
    I might also do this tag, even though I'm not tagged ^^ hehe

  3. Oh yeah, definitely! Feel free to do the tag even if you're not tagged and let me know and I'll add you to the list. It's fun! :)


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