Sunday, December 26, 2010

So What Did You Get for Christmas?

Hey Everyone! I just wanted another chance to show off another Christmas nail-do before Christmas is officially over. Hope you like it!

In the mean time, what did you get for Christmas this year that you particularly enjoyed and want to share? I'm 23, and according to some of my aunts and uncles, I'm "too old for presents". Luckily, I'm still (and probably always will be) a "kid" to my parents. So for Christmas, they got me a TNA fur-lined hoodie! I've had my eyes on one since last year!

My boyfriend is so sweet. He got me two tickets to an upcoming Canucks hockey game. It's going to be my very first live hockey game (I hope they won't disappoint me)! In addition to the expensive tickets, he also got me a Canon digital camera! Hopefully the camera will help me take some better photos for my blog :)

Love you all and wish you a safe and happy holidays!


  1. Pretty nails! That was really sweet of your boyfriend!


  2. everyone in my family thanks im grown up too...accept my boyfriend and mother. I got odds and ends for Christmas, and my favorite was a victoria secret shirt that i had my eyes on for awhile well i wore it christmas day and my boyfriend gave me a hug and it got stuck to his coat and ripped holes in it :( and victoria secret dont have anymore.... my mother got me clothes and all of them are the wrong sizes :( so my christmas kinda sucked...but i cant really complain because atleast i was with family and some people dont get anything at all or have any family to spend it with

  3. Aww.. I'm sorry your Victoria Secret shirt got ruined. I hope it can be repaired/replaced somehow...?

  4. Love the nails! I want to try something like that with mine.


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