Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Best Friend: Lip Balm

Your skin becomes very dry during the winter months. This includes your lips! My lips begin to get chapped as soon as fall arrives. I need to put lip balm everywhere so that I can just reach for it whenever I need it. One in my purse, one in my backpack, another one in my jacket pocket. Here are three that I've been using this winter.

Bonne Bell's Lip Smacker (Strawberry Flavour)
When we talk about lip balm, who can forget our grade school favourite: Lip Smackers. It's practical, affordable and has an unimaginable number of fun flavours! I remember how people used to collect them. I was never much into collecting them, but I'm sure they come in handy when you have a treasure chest full of them.

Made from Earth's Citrus Fresh Organic Lip Balm with Vitamin E
I was give this lip balm for review a while ago, and I just haven't had time or the opportunity to write one until now. I have to say, I really like it. The smell is wonderful and if you ever need that extra boost of orange scent to wake you up in the morning, this lip balm is perfect! The texture is not as waxy as Lip Smackers, but it not the melting-type of soft either.

If you like, you can get a FREE Citrus Fresh Lip Balm with any purchase at Made from Earth (NO minimum) when you use the promo code: BDANCER

Sunkist's Citrus SPF 30 LipBlock with Aloe and Vitamin E
Never heard of this one? No problem. I actually got this for free when I bought my bottle of chewable vitamin C! But let me tell you, this one is probably my FAVOURITE lip balm ever. It has SPF 30 which protects you from the sun when you go snowboarding or skiing and the aloe makes it glide on so smoothly, the texture is also very soft instead of waxy. Not only that, I notice a really sweet taste to it when I lick my lips after putting it on. BONUS!!! You can get this lip balm on its own if you really want to. The last time I saw it, they were only selling it for a couple dollars or something. Extremely affordable and gives you great protection!

Rating for ALL of these: (5/5)

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  1. Good picks! I love LipSmackers! I've been using eos lip balms and Burts Bees Honey lip balm lately to keep my lips moist because I hate that chapped feeling.


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