Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's Yoga (NDS Game)

Yoga lessons too expensive for you? No? Well they are for me!

Luckily, Konami came out with Let's Yoga for the Nintendo DS that made yoga lessons cheap and fun! Although you don't actually get a real yoga instructor to correct your poses if you do it wrong, I definitely had fun with this game. I got to learn yoga poses on my own and practice them in the private of my own room. I can even pause the lesson in the middle if I wanted without interrupting others in the class (because I'm the only one in the class!).

The game starts of with some easy poses, and the lessons ranged from 8-15 minutes or so. The lessons eventually get longer and more difficult. The game also includes a calendar to keep track of how many minutes of yoga you've done in total or when the last time you practiced yoga was.

There's a section in the game where you can even create your own workout routine. And if you ever have trouble figuring our a pose from the original lesson, you can even search for it throughout the list of poses and view it 360 degrees. There are even tips for some of the more difficult poses.

Overall, I really like this game and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get started on yoga before paying to attend classes!


  1. Haha there are you yoga videos on youtube too aren't there? Though maybe your computer room isn't the best place to practice yoga.

    This is pretty neat!

  2. I prefer doing Pilates..It`s better for your body!

  3. Is it? That's interesting! They do have another game from this series called "Let's Pilates". Maybe I should try that one then.


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