Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Beauty Private Shopping Event

If you are an (American) Sephora Beauty Insider, then you probably received an email about a Hello Kitty Private Event online! Unfortunately, I didn't get one because I'm Canadian, and I actually saw this event through other beauty bloggers.

I couldn't wait to share this though, despite how I was not notified about it initially. I love Hello Kitty! I can't say that I grew up with her, because Hello Kitty is so much older than I am, but she was around a lot and she doesn't look a day over 10.

Here are some items that caught my attention...

Hello Kitty Fragrance ($55)
Hello Kitty Compact Mirror ($18)
Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss ($16)
Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art ($10)
Hello Kitty Brush Set ($49)

This event ends tonight at 11:59 pm PST. So click here to start shopping!

If you have missed out on the event, don't fret! Hello Kitty Beauty will officially launch in all stores and online in mid January ♥


  1. Being Canadian sucks sometimes! XD I lovee the brush set! I only want the brush holder LOL!

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  3. That's such a cute brush set!!!

  4. I love Hello Kitty! So cute...


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