Thursday, November 11, 2010

My First (50 Followers) Giveaway WINNER!

Hey Everyone! I'm so sorry that it took me so long to compile the list of entries and pick the winner. Today's Remembrance Day and I just managed to find some free time to do this. This giveaway has taught me a very important lesson: I need to find a more efficient way to do this the next time I do a giveaway!

OK! So after I compiled all the entries and there turns out to be a total of 431 entries! So I'd just like to thank you to all the people who entered and a great big welcome to all my new followers!

Now on to the announcement.... *drum roll*


Again, thank you all for entering my giveaway!

♥ Juli


  1. congrats to phoebe and thank you julianne for having the giveaway..(",)

  2. i thought 50 ppl were going to win i must have miss read this sadness.. great blog an congratulations phoebe!

  3. Awww.... I'm really sorry to disappoint. The title was meant to celebrate that I've reached 50 followers at the time. >_<


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