Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Minnie Mouse Slippers

Winter is coming! Now I don't know about you, but I have somewhat bad circulation and my feet can get extremely cold at night time during the winter. It can get so cold that I cannot fall asleep at night because I'm so busy rubbing my feet together to warm them up. It just a very uncomfortable feeling overall.

A couple years ago when I attended UBC, my final exams ended a week earlier than anyone else I knew in December. I decided I deserved a break and wanted to go on a vacation. At the time, I hadn't gone anywhere for a long time because my parents would always plan their vacations during when I had school. But that year, I insisted on going to Disneyland and we did. Unfortunately, my dad had to finish up a project for work, so he didn't end up going with us.

My Minnie Mouse Slippers was one of my "prized possessions" from my Disneyland 2008 trip since I thought they were the coolest things ever. If you take a look at the picture I posted below, you can see that my slippers actually have a (drawn on) heel to it just like Minnie Mouse's shoes! The bottom layer is pretty thick and spongy, so even when your feet steps all the way down, you or other people can still see the heels.

A lot of people I know refrain from buying this type of slippers because they make their feet sweaty and smelly due to the thickness of it. What I do is that I wear a pair of socks before putting on the slippers so I have a layer between my feet and the actual slippers. This way, I can easily just wash my socks afterwards without ruining my lovely slippers!


  1. Haha do you wear those slippers when going out? You took the picture in the car?

  2. Hehehe - no. It was a long ride in the car from Seattle back to Vancouver, so I wanted my feet to feel comfy. Hahaha!

  3. Hi!

    Nice blog you got there :)

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  4. hahah...comfy cute slippers..(",)

  5. wow I love these! they look so warm and comfy

  6. i love this! so cute! i would wear them to bed hahahah

    xoxo elle


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