Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lululemon Remix/Scuba Hoodies

I got my first lululemon Remix Hoodie as a birthday present from my boyfriend a couple years ago. A lot of people rave about lululemon's Groove Pants, and how awesome it makes their ass look, but I felt that their hoodie deserves a good review as well!

Yes, perhaps that hoodie doesn't contain as much technical fabric or design as their pants and/or tank tops but the way that they subtly incorporate their logo to the front of the hoodie and having them curve into pockets shows the design effort they put in to make their hoodies distinct from others in the market.

I particularly like the hood of the hoodies. I hear a lot of complaints about how the hood can be thick and heavy. It could just be that I have a big head or something. Therefore, most of the time, the hoods on my hoodies do not fit me; leaving my face (or sometimes half of my head) exposed to the rain and we all know that it rains quite often in Vancouver. This does not happen with my lululemon hoodies. Although I would never wear my lululemon hoodies by itself in the rain because I don't want to ruin them, the hoods are, nonetheless, warm and cozy and fit perfectly with my big head!

Disclaimer: photo was taken from lululemon's Facebook Fanpage.

Another feature I really like about the hoodie is the zipper garage. I've noticed that during windy days, the hood of my jacket/hoodie could sometimes be blown off. The zipper garage not only serves as a chin protector for when you want to zip your hoodie all the way up, but because the zipper's sewn up higher than a usual hoodies it can also hold your hood in place.

Again, probably like all of the other lululemon products that I will ever talk about on this blog, I love everything about it except for price. Try to see if you can get it anywhere cheaper (e.g. eBay, Craigslist, through a friend that works at lululemon, etc.).

Last weekend, My mom and I went shopping together so that I can get her a birthday present! She wasn't sure what she wanted, so I suggested that I'd get her a lululemon hoodie and let her pick the design/color she wanted. We went to a lululemon store last weekend, but all they had were the new Scuba hoodies. Not just that, but the ones in her size seemed to be all solid color and for the price it is, she just wanted something with a little more design on it.

The next morning, we headed to the factory outlet to take a look. My mom looked through the hoodies that they had there and found herself the black Team Canada Remix hoodie that was released during the 2010 Winter Olympics at the beginning of this year. It was ironic because I was wearing the exact same hoodie that morning and she was complementing how she really liked it! So in the end, she settled for that one and now we have matching hoodies!


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