Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Proactiv Refining Mask

This little tube actually came with my Proactiv Acne Solution when I bought it. There's no expiration date indicated on this and I don't use it very much, so I actually still take it out and use it once in a while when I need it.

Normally smells don't bother me, but this mask smells pretty terrible. It contains 6% of sulfur, so you can imagine what that might be like. I can still withstand it, but I can definitely see how some people would be repelled by it.

I don't use this mask very often - only when I need it. This mask dries out my skin and unfortunately, I already have dry cheeks (combination skin). HOWEVER, occasionally, I would get these small bumps on my cheeks. I don't think they're considered as pimples though because they're not red or inflamed. They're just bumps and I assume that they're sebum trapped underneath. You don't want to pick on them because that's just going to make things worse, but they're just annoying when you can't get rid of them.

This mask is great for applying around the T-zone and on those bumps on the cheeks. It says to leave it on for 10 minutes, but for me, it's fine to leave on overnight. By the morning after you wash the mask off, it'd be gone! Not only that, the effects of this mask carry on for quite some time. My T-zone is not oily for like the next couple of days after using this mask. I would definitely repurchase this mask after I run out!

Rating: (4.5/5)

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  1. Thanks for the follow :)
    I use this all the time but only this item everything else in the kit never works for me it burns and makes my skin break out! XOXO

  2. Yeah, the kit can be quite harsh on the skin, but this Refining Mask is very good. I'd buy it again (if I can get it by itself and not with the kit).

  3. Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be interested!


  4. I couldn't leave the mask on too long. It made me extremely nauseous if I left it for more than 20 min...which turned out to be a side effect of sulfur lol


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