Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wish It Was Christmas...???

OMG... this week feels especially long!!! I wonder if it's because it's the first week of school. I can't believe it's only Wednesday... I wish it was Christmas. Christmas is my favorite season! It's only August now! But before we know it, we'll be done another semester of school (hopefully!).

I was trying to do some nail art last week, but ended up messing up a lot. In the end I just got fed up and just painted my nails with alternating solid colors.

Matches the ring that the boyfriend got me a couple years ago for Christmas! ^_^


  1. haha boy toy? I kind of wish it was Christmas as well and for some reason, this week does feel particularly long.

  2. Love the colours, the ring is gawjus too!

  3. Really pretty and love the ring.
    I'm following you now,


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