Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spotted Hard Candy in Canada!

Hey girls! Guess what I spotted at Walmart?!?!

I really wanted to get their Welcome Matte pressed powder and Hot Smudge eyeliner/eyeshadow. I was so ready to open up my wallet the instant I spotted the sign! Except, the stuff I was looking for was not there *sad*.

It doesn't seem like they have completely stocked up on all available Hard Candy products. Hopefully they'll be expanding this little section because I can't wait to see more!

By the way, here are a couple more photos so you can see what the pricing is like in Canada:

Doesn't seem like they raised the prices at all (thank goodness)! In fact, it seems to be like an average of 2 cents cheaper compared to the US prices (on! Awww, Hard Candy, you're too sweet for not grilling the Canadians for their money... I *HEART* YOU!!!!!


  1. great post!

    I gave u an award over on my blog :) here's the link:

  2. OOH! I haven't seen this yet and I was just at Wally World the other day! I can't wait!

  3. Hi Juli, I'm visiting because of Wang's shoutout post and realized we have the same interests so I've gotta add you!

    I JUST went to walmart to look at these, the baked blushes look so gorgeous! But many people say they are low on pigmentation... Let us know if u get anything!

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for your comment on my review of the new Hard Candy line!

    I am loving these pictures you got of the new line, by the way!!!

    I'm sure your Wal-Mart will eventually get the whole line! You will just have to check back weekly :) Sounds like a great excuse to go shopping! I'm thinking that the powders are going to be more difficult to get your hands on because they are just so inexpensive, even compared to other drug store brands!

    It's so exciting! I love that they have so many dupes for Urban Decay products! I am going to pick up the flavoured body powders this weekend (since I refuse to pay $30.00 for the UD ones), and I will probably pick up a couple of their lip products as well, so check back next week for
    another review!!


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