Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

We were first introduced to Del Sol a couple years ago when I went to the Caribbeans on a cruise with my family. They specialize in products that changes color in the sun (activated by UV rays) and nail polish is just one of the many products that they make.

Sometime earlier this summer, Del Sol had their annual 50% off sale. So my mother and I went on a haul! These nail polish costs $10 USD regular price, but because of the 50% off, we got it for $5 each. I got a total of three bottles: Ruby Slippers, Day Dreamer, and Diva.

I have to say, Ruby Slippers is probably my favorite one since it produces the most dramatic change. In fact, this is what Ruby Slippers looks like when I put the bottle of nail polish on the window sill where sunlight shines in - it immediately starts to change color!

Here are swatches of the three nail polish. It goes Ruby Slippers, Day Dreamer, Diva, and no nail polish (left to right):

Indoors (w/ no sunlight)

Indoors (w/ sunlight through the windows)

Outdoors (w/ a lot of sunlight)

The last photo shows how sloppy I did my nail polish, but I just wanted to do a quick swatch for everyone to see. Pretty neat huh?

The Good:
Other than its really cool color changing effects, this nail polish also dries really fast, which is good for me because I never know when it dries and end up ruining it. This nail polish literally dries within a minute after putting on the first coat. For any other coats you put on top of that, it takes slightly longer to dry, but still pretty quick!

The Bad:
This nail polish started cracking and then chipping around the 2nd or 3rd day of wearing and this is normal wear; It's not like I went digging with my bare hands in the garden or something. Normally, this doesn't bother me very much, but considering the price that it costs regularly, I'd expect it to last a little longer than just 2 days.

I *might* buy it again in the future just for it's coolness factor, but the overall quality is quite poor.

Rating: (3.5/5)


  1. hello juli!

    I wanted to let you know that tagged you in my post!

  2. Hi there, i've never heard of this how clever and cute are those polishes x


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