Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Things Tag

So I was tagged by one of my good UBC friends, Li Lian at nails nails nails a couple days ago! It seems so little, but I can't believe I actually had a hard time coming up with stuff to write - haha!

4 things in my bag/purse:
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Cell Phone
  • Chapstick

4 favorite things in my room:
  • My Stuffed Animals
  • My Bed
  • My TV
  • My Pillow

4 things I’ve always wanted to do:
  • Go to Europe
  • Meet someone famous
  • Get a tattoo
  • Own and drive a Mini Cooper

4 things I’m currently into:
  • Blogging
  • Lady Gaga
  • The TV Show, Glee
  • Skincare and Makeup

4 things I bet you didn't know about me:
  • I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD and watched all of them multiple times!
  • I had knee surgery in grade 9 because I was walking and fell in the gym
  • I haven't seriously touched makeup until this year and then became obsessed
  • I had a crush on Lance Bass when NSYNC was popular... T_T

4 songs I can't get out of my head:
  • Telephone - Lady Gaga
  • Love Game - Lady Gaga
  • Innocence - Avril Lavigne
  • Cha Ching - Hedley

  1. Once tagged you must link the person who tagged you.
  2. Tag 4 other bloggers.
  3. Let the bloggers know they have been tagged.
  4. Give 4 answers to each question asked.

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  1. haha aww cute tag! thanks for tagging me :) i'll try to do this before i leave on vacation but it might come a bit late.. haha :)

    btw.. i see you joined the coach poppy project too! i'll help you tweet to make it grow! :)


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