Friday, July 30, 2010

What Would Gaga Do?

I don't get to wear a lot of nail polish because of school. So when I do, I go all out!!! After me and my friend's last final exam this last school semester, I went over to her house and we did our nails together!

I bought this silver nail polish from Daiso not too long ago thinking that I could use it for stamping. Unfortunately it was very thin and runny and the images stamped out was either too light and you can see it, or smudged because it's not viscous/thick enough.

I'm really cheap and I didn't want to waste this nail polish, so I decided to apply it right onto my nails. It turned out so shiny and I thought it made me look like a bionic woman or something. It somehow reminded me of Lady Gaga and I admit: I'm a BIIIIIG Gaga fan! Even though I haven't posted any Lady Gaga songs in the Bathroom Playlist, you can assume that I have all her singles on there already.

Anyway, as I was applying my nail polish, I kept on thinking to myself, "What Would Gaga Do?" And so what do you think Gaga would do? Stars? Red stars? I THINK SO!!! OK, enough chit chat, here's the pics!

Here's my Sailor Moon pose with my hands.

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  1. Very cute and what a great idea to do a Lady Gaga inspired Sailor Moon mani. I haven't seen that anime in a long time. :)


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