Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: Daiso Nose Pack (White)

So after reading tonnes of reviews on the Daiso Charcoal Mask on forums, I decided to venture out to Daiso in Richmond to get my own and try it out for myself. However, I accidentally bought the makeup cleanser instead >_<. The cartoon heads looked so similar; I thought they were the same thing... But anyway, since then, every time I've been there, the charcoal mask has been out of stock. I eventually managed to find this one:

According to the instructions, it says it's meant for applying to the nose only. If I remember correctly, the charcoal mask is meant for the whole face. At least that's what the little cartoon face on the bottle portrayed it to be for. I saw it for sale on ebay for a substantially higher price if you consider shipping and handling as well, but I'm not that desperate (yet).

Anyway, I tried it on the same day I bought it and it worked like a charm! When I first applied it on my nose, I noticed it was very pasty. A lot of it was stuck on my finger. But anyway, it dried after 15 minutes (exactly what the bottle said).

Peeling it off wasn't so bad. It didn't hurt as bad as some people described it. I had a really hard time getting my camera to focus on because the picture was taken at such a close-up and this is quite embarrassing, but here's a picture of the blackheads I pulled out. They look like little hairs - LOL!

To my surprise, it works just as well as those Biore pore strips and only costs a fraction of the price! If I remember correctly, it actually doesn't even hurt as much as the Biore pore strips (I haven't used those strips in a long time).

Remember to clean your face with warm water and pat dry it before you use it so that your pores open up. Also, I'd suggest using this maybe *at most* once a week unless you really need it because it can make your nose really dry. I noticed that I had to apply moisturizer right after I peeled it off.

But either way, this is product is great and it's only $2! Must stock up for sure!

Rating: (5/5)


  1. Nice! And you did a great rewiew! :D

  2. I like Biore strips but boy do they hurt taking them off.... it feels like they are removing a layer of your skin

  3. I've been looking for a mask for blackheads like that... I just don't like Biore.. it doesn't work good atleast on my face... isn't there one by the Body shop or sumthin.. anyhoo! nice review! thanks for sharing... I will now be hunting for this baby..

  4. Thanks for the review! I shall pick one up soon, I feel that the Biore strips don't do much for me.. they take more off of my boyfriend's nose than it does off mine =.=

  5. Yummm Juli, glad I wasn't having dinner. :p lol

  6. Wow, seems like a great product, will buy it soon.

  7. I also use this nose pack but I don't know why but maybe I am doing something wrong? It doesn't work as good for me as it does for other people ._. And I really don't know anymore what to do with my blackheads >~> Nosestrips don't work, that Daiso Nose Pack doesn't really work as good as it should ... ;-; I don't have any ideas left ;-;


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