Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get the Faux Bob

Earlier this year, I went to go get a haircut for my graduation photos. I wish I saw this video sooner... then I wouldn't have needed to get a haircut! When I first saw this video, I went: "WTF! Where were you like a couple months ago?!" Now that I want long hair again, I have to wait for it to grow out. Damn it!

Click on the video below to watch how to get your own faux bob.

Oh well... this hairdo might not work for me anyway for a couple of reasons:
  1. My hair is really thick and heavy, bobby pins never really did a very great job holding it up
  2. My hair is super straight, so the hair tucked under might not get camouflaged as well as curly hair.
I may be just coming up with these reasons to make myself feel better now that I actually did cut my hair short... lol. For all those other lucky bums out there who this trick may work on, go try this out before you cut off your long locks and regret it later!


  1. That actually looks pretty good. I should try it sometime. :p

  2. That wouldn't work for me LOL
    asian hair..too straight

  3. I don't think the bob hairstyle would suit me as I have oblong face, I would not go any shorter than shoulder length hair!


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