Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Tokidoki Handbag

When I first saw the Tokidoki bags, I thought they were some cheap Chinatown cloth bags. Who knew that it would become such a fad. For a really long time, I thought to myself, "these are just cloth bags, they're not worth that much money". Actually, I still think that now sometimes.

One day, my mom brought home a fake Tokidoki bag one day from Hong Kong. She knew it was fake, but bought it anyway because the strap on her own purse she brought with her to Hong Kong broke and she needed a new shoulder bag just to carry stuff in. Just for the record, I don't really have anything against people who use fake stuff...

Anyway, she later bought a real one off and began taking it around with her everywhere. I thought it looked super cute on her and really wanted one myself after that. Fortunately for me, a store was having a clearance sale in Richmond Center and I bought my very first Tokidoki purse for 50% off:

Tokidoki Discoteca Ragazza Handbag

The details on the purse is absolutely amazing. Other than their signature colorful zippers, all the hardware on the handbag have a Tokidoki symbol on it. The pictures on the Tokidoki handbag are super cute. I can never get tired looking at them because I find that I always discover something new. They had two left at the time for me to choose from and I decided to choose this one. Here's a picture of a nurse that's "nursing a broken heart".

The picture of this nurse was the main reason why I bought this pattern over the other ones that were available.

It's not just a cloth bag. The detailed design of the pictures, the hardware, and the overall bag itself is what makes the bag worth so much money.


  1. So cute!!! ^^ If I can find the faux one in HK or Shenzhen I would like to buy one, hehe.. :P

  2. Haha! You should have no trouble finding one in HK! :P

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following now I am following you:)

    That purse is so cool...Love it :)

  4. that is really cute!

    i think it is a fun design. i'd rather bring this with me compare to birkin bags. i mean, they look nice, but i really can't understand why it costs thousands of dollars... ok, i guess it's about the materials & stuff, but i think they just look like an ordinary bag to me..

  5. Super cute! I love their cosmetics! Now I want a purse, too.


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