Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Tokidoki Graduation Present

So... while surfing the internet, I found my next target.

The Elegante Handbag in Pepe

This purse can be worn two ways:

My grandaunt who came to visit my grandma from Hong Kong knew that I graduated from UBC and noticed that I was contemplating (a LOT) on whether I should get this bag so she decided to buy it for me as a graduation present! I thought this bag was very cute! There aren't as many pictures on the bag compared to my other Tokidoki handbag. It's mostly black with subtle Tokidoki icons. Very elegant. I'm most likely going to save it for the winter.

Major differences between this and my previous Tokidoki handbag:
  • The qee is now replaced by a silver Tokidoki logo keychain (heart with crossbones) with pink rhinestones embeded around it. My grandma says that she prefers it this way because it doesn't look as childish. It doesn't matter to me since I like both!
  • The material is definitely different as these new Tokidoki bags no longer uses the nylon fabric like the Sportsac bags did. I've used my other Tokidoki handbag for a while now and it still looks as if it's brand new! Unfortunately, I would assume that this one would be much harder to clean due to the cloth material that it uses.
If you like this bag, or Tokidoki in general, you can get yours too at!

Disclaimer: I've recently became a Karmaloop representative! This means that I can give YOU (my readers) an additional 21% off your purchase at Karmaloop (and free shipping within USA for orders over $100 and $8 shipping anywhere else) by entering both SAVE20 (promo code) *and* BDANCER (rep code) in the corresponding box when you check out!

Please note that the fact that I am now a representative does not affect my view of this product. All my opinions and reviews are honest and 100% my own.

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  1. Really cute bag ^^


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